September 24, 2020

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Aquatic Access Inc.

igat180dssThe Nolan family, who owns Aquatic Access Inc., has been providing access to those entering tubs, pools, and spas for over 40 years. In 1962 founder John Nolan invented the first water-powered bathtub chair, which became well-known as the Nolan Tublift. Over the years, a half-dozen companies in the U.S. and Canada have copied this product. In 1980, he invented the first water-powered swimming pool lift. It became known as the Nolan Poolift.

With his daughter Linda, John established Aquatic Access in 1987. Currently Linda continues to serve as president, and son David Nolan is vice-president and chief engineer. David holds the patent on the versatile IGAT-180 design, which set a new standard for the pool lift industry, and continues to lead the way in providing environmentally-safe access to the widest variety of swimming pool and spa designs.

All of the IGAT-180 models meet or exceed the pending ADA, ADA and CBC guidelines for public swimming pool access. All of these lifts work with water pressure, and there are no electricity, expensive batteries, or complicated machinery involved. The renewable, earth-friendly power of water is readily available in homes and commercial properties around the world. As America gears up to bring recreational facilities into ADA-compliance by March, 2012 when the ADA guidelines for access become law for all public pools, Aquatic Access will continue to provide the most economical and practical products to meet the requirements.

Aquatic Access offers a full line of water-powered lifts for in-ground pools and spas, above-ground pools and spas, portable spas, swim spas, and for most whirlpool, therapy, or rehabilitation tubs and pools, including those with six-foot walls. We also build lifts for boats, for docks, and for cruise ships to provide access to pools and spas. Among the innovative Aquatic Access lifts is the Model IGAT-180AD — a user-operable lift for in-ground pools which is entirely above the deck to accommodate pools with covers, an automatic lift — Model IGAT 180/135 — for spas and pools with built-in seats. Recently the company has perfected heavy-duty versions of most lift models, and a special two-piece seat for people who require a wider seat. These designs make it easy for a larger person to maintain, and improve, good health through aquatic exercise.